love, yours is the future
Death, I use you, but I hate you

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collections that are raw as fuck ➝ zuhair murad s/s 2011


The Ties of Special Agent Fox Mulder: Season One

21 Jump Street

Phase 1|Phase 2|Phase 3|Phase 4|Phase 5

collections that are raw as fuck ➝ yiqing yin s/s 2014

so here you are, two steps ahead and staying on guard
every lesson forms a new scar


a red panda eating sushi.


a red panda eating sushi.



Let’s Play GTA V: Train Hopping - [x]

Reason #2,463 why I love Michael Jones.

reminder for bisexuals


today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life.